Wounded Warriors

It is an honour to support the Wounded Warriors Foundation.

Wounded Warriors Donation from Coastal Island Fishing Adventures – Steep Island Lodge – SCI Canada – Badlands Canada – Feel the Rush TV

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Campbell River Guided Salmon Fishing Charters

James Milton Mailman

Through the help of SCI I was able to go on a once in a lifetime fishing experience. Coastal Island Fishing Adventures generously donated this fishing trip to me as an injured Vet and I couldn’t be more thankful or honored to have been chosen. Capt. Gary Stotts is an outstanding fishing guide, who ensured we had the best possible experience, which we did. I would highly recommend Coastal Island Fishing Adventures for anyone looking for a guided fishing trip that is fun, safe, and most importantly, anyone looking for a fishing experience like no other and I had such an amazing time.

Kevin Hodgson

What a incredible trip. Would like to thank you for your service 18 yrs James Milton Mailman you are a true Canadian Hero. Would also like to thank Gary Stotts of Coastal Island Fishing Adventures, Steep Island Lodge And the ladies for the great meals/Hospitality And to Jason St. Michael for setting this up and making it all happen SCI. And also would like to thank Badlands and Corey Popick and Kevin Peterson if it wasn’t for the invite and being part of a incredible experience. And the true statement of Feel The Rush.

Feel the Rush TV
We have the honour and privilege of saying thank you to a true Canadian hero. James has served multiple tours in Afghanistan and was seriously injured in a attack on his outpost in Zangabad. With the help of SCI Canada, Coastal Island Fishing Adventures, Steep Island Lodge and Badlands Canada… James will hopefully get to enjoy a few days away and catch some salmon.

James… from all of us here at FTR… Thank you!!!

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Coastal Isand Fishing Supports Wounded Warriors
Coastal Isand Fishing Supports Wounded Warriors
Coastal Isand Fishing Supports Wounded Warriors